The sitter session is perfect for babies who are starting to sit up until they are starting to walk. Typically, this usually covers babies ages 6-12 months. The session is meant to capture your baby at a time when they are reaching important milestones like sitting, laughing, rolling, playing with toys and much much more!

During the session I will aim to capture all the expressions that make your baby who they are. Babies are very interactive at this age and are full of genuine expressions. Capturing those gummy grins, teeny toes, stumpy fingers and of course all those new skills they have just learnt.  They smile easily, they giggle and make the most adorable faces!

The session will be fully customized with various backdrops, props and accessories to match the outfits, which are also provided. I will have a selection of accessories like headbands, jewelry, hats, etc that can be used for the session as well!

If you have a specific theme or look in mind for the session, I'd love to hear it! Often times if a holiday is approaching like Valentine's Day or Christmas, we can incorporate that into the session too. 

If you want to see photos from recent Sitter Sessions, click here, or if you want to learn more about booking a Sitter Session please contact me

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