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Have you ever wondered how my sessions work behind the scenes? Well, here's your chance! Whether you are new to photography or have been doing it for years, watching someone else in person run a session from start to end will help you gain new techniques, perspective and outlook on how to start or improve your current workflow! 

When I first started to pursue photography seriously, I reached out to MANY photographers I admired locally to see if I could shadow them or become their mentee. I was rejected and turned down immediately by most, even after offering to pay for their time and help. Those who were too polite to pass me off right away, eventually stopped responded to emails and texts when the time to meet up actually came. That's when I realized - they were fearing competition! I resorted to traveling out of town to attend workshops and mentoring sessions with other photographers, most of whom also have a clause that they will not mentor anyone within a certain number of miles from their place of business.

I decided early on in my photography journey that I will not be that person. I will not be that person who doesn't help someone out because of the fear of "competition".  For the past 2 years, I've been mentoring and guiding photographers in many different aspects of their photography journey - from business to equipment and camera settings to prop shopping - I'm an open book. 

Through my experience as a new mom who left her corporate job to start a photography business, and my experience as a photographer providing guidance and advice to others, I know what  type of help photographers need! I've invested thousands of dollars on workshops, but 1:1 help with a specific area of interest is always what I wanted.

Thus, I've started a Shadow Me program to help others.

Here are the 3 types of sessions you can shadow me on:

NEWBORN {$499}

-shadow me for an entire newborn session, from start to end, with an *actual paying client 

-learn my workflow from parent shots, siblings to individual baby poses

-learn how I setup and do an entire session in a small indoor space (approximately 7'x8')

-see the equipment I use during that session, props and where I shop from

-much much more!

{expect to be with me 4-5 hours}

Cake Smash Session {$229}

-shadow me on a real cake smash session from start to end, with an *actual paying client

-learn set design and watch me setup for the session

-see my entire workflow from a traditional photoshoot, to the cake smash and ending with a bubble bath

-tips and tricks I use to get smiles and baby to eat their cake

-much much more!

{expect to be with me for 2-2.5  hours}

Family/Maternity Session {$229}

-shadow me on a real outdoor family/maternity session from start to end, with an *actual paying client

-How I engage with the clients for the duration of the session

-Posing workflow to get the most out of the time with your family
-Tips and tricks I use to capture genuine moments and authentic smiles

-learn how I pick my location and what I look for when I'm shooting outdoors

-much much more!

{expect to be with me 2-2.5 hours}

*actual paying client is so important.  In most workshops, you are photographing babies and families through model calls. The families are not treated the way you would an actual paying client because they are being given the session for free. You lose this perspective on how to treat your client and it is vital to your business' growth.

What people are saying:

Harleen is exactly who I needed as a mentor. She was able to help me envision my own small photography business, provided technical help with my camera and offered many professional tips. As I sat along side her, I was able to grasp new and creative ideas I put to use with my own style. Harleen is engaging, personable and full of positive energy. I left our session confident in my photography journey and ready to expand my skills and art. I believe Harleen rises by lifting others.

-Alison Williams Photography

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