Cake Smash Sessions have recently become SUCH a big trend of celebrating baby's 1st birthday. When I did my daughter's cake smash session 7  years ago, most people hadn't even heard of it. Nowadays, it's almost a rite of passage! It is the most popular session type I offer, sometimes doing up to 6 sessions a month. I have the occasional 2 and 3 year old too, so in case you missed out on your child's 1st birthday - fear not! There's still time :).

Cake Smash sessions are my absolute favorite type of session I offer. Building and designing unique, one of a kind sets for each birthday child is what I LOVE. The theme for the Cake Smash can be something parents have in mind or we can come up with something together. I love when clients give me creative control so I can come up with something totally awesome for them! It's equally as exciting when clients have a specific theme in mind because I can help make their vision a reality. I custom design each set according to the theme, build handmade props, order custom accessories, backdrops and buy and use the best quality products. I've even hand painted many backdrops myself! I never redo the exact same cake smash session theme so that your child's is unique and their own.

Scheduling a Cake Smash session when baby is between 11-13 months is ideal. Some people want photos from the session ready and available for the day of baby's birthday. In this case, the session should be at least 2 weeks before this date. I've also had many babies come on their actual birthday, which makes the session all the more special! The time of day for the session is very important, especially for those baby's who are coming for their 1st birthday. 1 year old's are happiest in the morning, before their afternoon nap. I try to schedule almost all sessions between 10am-12pm for this reason. Avoid scheduling their 1 year old check up just before the cake smash as that appointment will include vaccinations.  

My Cake Smash sessions include almost everything you need, so you basically need to show up with the baby - that's it! I will provide all the decor, props, cake and even the cake smash outfit! This way, when you arrive for the session, your fully customized session is ready to go without the stress of shopping, coordinating colors and picking out items that photograph beautifully. Leave that to the pro! 

I work with a local bakery who makes custom cakes to perfectly match the theme. The best part is - the cake will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive for the session! No need to make an additional stop to pickup the cake. If you have concerns about the ingredients of the cake or your child has any food allergies, I'll be happy to put you in touch with the bakery directly to discuss any modifications. 

Feel free to browse photos from recent Cake Smash sessions here or if you are interested in booking a session please contact me.

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